Museum Bronbeek

2013, 3 x 2 x 1,8m, aluminium (painted and shotblasted), bambu, epoxy-resin, a.o.m.

Temporary sculpture made for the Military Museum and Elderly-home Bronbeek in Arnhem, Holland, based on the life of one of the early inhabitants of this institute.
He lived and served as a soldier both Indonesia and Suriman.

Museum Bronbeek in Holland is an elderly-home for retired soldiers who have served in Indonesia during and after the war. Recently soldiers from wars in Lebanon also moved in.
Bronbeek also serves as a museum that focus on the history of the army and in particular the time Holland occupied its colonies (Indonesia and Surinam)
I and 6 other artists where asked to make a work that respond to one inhabitant of the Bronbeek-elderlyhome. I was asked to respond on the life of a soldier that lived in the mids of the 19th. century, Jacobus de Keijzer. He had a very turbulent life and escaped poverty by servingin the army. He was send to Indonesia a few times and also once to Surinam. Typical for most of the former soldiers that served in Indonesia is that despite they had to serve as a soldier there, that period stayed very important even long after they left the army. For lots of soldiers it was very mixed, and important and often traumatic time, but also a time which shaped them. Often they had a wife there and sometimes even kids. There life after Indonesia was often rather schizofrenic. Therefore I made the small golden house with the model of an Indonesian landscape plus soldier inside. It is part of the res of the house but also stays apart on the bambu poles. The rest of the house is chaotic almost as if an earthquake happened or is happening.
Also for the current men in Bronbeek, Indonesia is still part of there life. They keep artefacts in there rooms and still part of them is still there.
The model refers to the often overwhelming impression of the soldiers arriving in the intens green nature and landscape at that time. A knive is stuck in the miniature forest as a echo of the allways present danger.