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NEWS: Aftermath has been nominated as one of the best designed books in The Netherlands from 2010!

A beautifull new book about my work has recently been published by Valiz Publishers.

The title of the book is: Rob Voerman Aftermath, Installations, Sculptures, Works on Paper
The book, which contains 160 pages, is going much further than a standard catalogue in the sense that it won't just give a plain overview of my work, but integrate background-information, a part of my photo-archive and connections to various fields outside the art-world, such as architecture, social issues and philosophy.

The writers for this book will are:

David van der Leer - Assistant Curator Architecture and Design at the Guggenheim   
                               Museum in New York
Sabine Folie           - Curator Generali Foundation, Vienna, Austria
Tim Nolet               - Art-Historian connected to the University in Amsterdam

For more information go too: www.valiz.nl
ISBN 978-90-78088-40