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My "Pavilion Halfway" in Arnhem South, Holland, part of Ruimtekoers Festival, is now ready and fully functioning and the woodstove inside is burning. 
Many activities will take place inside and passers-by can grab a free tea. The work is pleading for a new public space in that modernistic neighbourhood. Along the wide lanes, all the buildings are disconnected and turned back from the roads, pavements and cycle-paths. With this work I am proposing lines of small houses, workshops and and incidental café's along those empty and un-personal lanes. This work, one can read it in a way, as a proposal and a first attempt for such transformation. By using transpancy, the work becomes more of a proposal then a fixed building.

The pavilion will fully functioning untill the 26th. of November 2017. It will be open day and night.

Rob VoermanAt Night