« news Shenzhen Hong Kong Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism

At the end of this year I will be participating in the Shenzhen Hong Kong Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism which will open on the 4th. of December 2015, Curator is Aaron Betsky.

Exhibition-period: December 4th. 2015 – March 4th. 2016


I will take part in the biennial with a large site-specific installation in the main-venue Collage City 3D: An Invitation to (Serious) Play

I will be making a large site-specific installation. Public will be able to enter the work. Along-side I will organize a side-programme in and around my work. The work will for a large part shine a light on the millions of migrant-workers from China's country-side working in Shenzhen. Workshops, performances and presentations will be organize to have them involved. For this I will team op with China's wellknown poet Guo Jinniu who himself worked as a factory- and building-site worker for almost 20 yaers. The work will also reflect on a different mentality in city-planning and city-development.


Participants: Feng Feng, Lukas Feireiss, The Heidelberg Project, Hood Design Studio, Jimenez Lai, Langarita-Navarro, Dennis Maher, Studio Makkink/Bey, Snarkitecture, Superuse Studios,T opotek1 and Rob Voerman

Rob Voerman