Rob Voerman is working in many different media: sculpture, photography, installation art, print making and painting. In many of his works, he tests the boundaries of both sculpture and architecture. Voerman’s works illustrates his fascination for creating the architecture of fictional communities inhabiting remote areas free from the imposed order of towns and cities.

Voerman’s new dwellings consist of a mixture of ‘utopia, destruction and beauty’. A new architecture that combines the romanticism of the log cabin with its antithesis; the implied malevolence of the Unabomber’s cabin. These architectural hybrids exist somewhere between dwellings, caves, the primitive hut, and cathedrals.

Part of Voerman’s recent projects is to reflect on Modernism and to question the ideals of this movement and how relevant they can still be in our times. In projects, such as “The Fifth Season”, Voerman also refers to the ideas of Modernism and Bauhaus and in a way tries to restore the spirit of Bauhaus by organizing gatherings and workshops in the dark and intimate interior. This project directly refers to Mies van der Rohe’s Four Season’s Restaurant in New York, a place where Voerman thinks, the ideas and ideals of Bauhaus where taken over by commerce.

A very important element of Voerman’s work is the large installations, to which visitors can enter. These installations, mainly built on site, often relate to specific issues referring to the context and place of the project. The program organized in and around these installations is an essential part of the work.

Recently Voerman started developing a new utopian world within his work. The utopia he builds aims at shrink and reduction
of inhabited space, of population and of consumption.
But it is also a world of growth, growth of human contact and community involvement.
In defining this utopia the constructed world, the architecture is the major language.
This fictional world he creates is responding to ecological and social issues we have to face in the coming decades. and questioning how we can deal with privacy-issues? How we are going to live?