With my installation "The Exchange" I've managed to raise over 8000 euro's for the great nature-conservation-project called Masarang in Borneo and Sulawesi.
Set up in the beginning of the nineties by the Dutch forestry expert Willie Smith. Masarang is re-planting destroyed rainforest, developing alternative nature-friendly methods to produce palmoil and rescue-ing Uran-Utangs and re-introducing them into the wild.
Visitors of my installation where able to buy packages of the new currency "Square", they could buy postcards and where able to donate money inside my installation during the summer-months.

On Saturday the 17th. of September 2016 Willie Smits came to Arnhem to receive the check with the final amount.
Afterwards he gave an inspiring lecture at the visitorscenter of Park Sonsbeek.


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