For the Historical Museum Frankfurt I've made a large model (diameter 214cm) which represents the history of the industry of the city. In this project I worked closely together with historians in order to capture all aspects of the industry's history. So for a large part it has been an applied commission.
The work will be part of a group of 8 models, each displaying an other aspect of Frankfurts history: traffic, building the city, the commercial city, the jewish city, etcetera.
All models will be installed in the basement of the new extension of the museum around an industrial robot-arm. Each time a visitor will push a botton, a model will be picked up by the robot-arm and held underneath a large snow globe on the visitors-level. The lights of the model will then go on and for a few minutes, projections in combination with sound will be seen and heard on the surrounding walls.                                                                                          


The project has been superviced by Jong from Amsterdam.

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