2022/2023, 4 x 5 x 8,5 meters, aluminium, gavanized steel and plexiglass.

Viewingpoint for the neigbourhood Schuygraaf in Arnhem-South. The work will be situated on a hill in the centre of the neighbourhood, from which you can look towards all directions. The people who live there concist mostly of families with young children. I wanted the work to besomething which young people can relate to and I wanted it to be a work, closely related to others works of mine and my artistic language. In many works over the years, one can see elements and associations with spacecrafts appearing within my work. And also the round windows and the coloured plexiglass will make it a work which will fit in to Voermans work well. 

At night on top of the roof a vague blinking red light ca be seen. The ones you see on top of towers or when an aircraft is about to lift off.

The work will be finished early spring 2023.


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