Design for a commission for a watersupply-firm in the south of Holland. Normally there are hardly elements to find in the landscape that actually show the process of extracting drinking-water from the ground. In my design I elevated the process above the ground in a way and made it visible. A silo of corten-steel with on the roof a small landscape. Many of the names for "water" are cut out and lit from the inside with led-lighting. Underneath the silo tubes come out and connect a cluster of steel models of buildings with "Rob Voerman-claddings". Both the silo and the models are set in a small pond in the shape of a water drop. Attached to the silo some stairs and a viewingpoint. The tubes continue into an area with vegetation. Insid this area various elements/architectural constructions would be build together with a nearby school that teaches bricklaying, welding and woodwork. The area would have become not a park, but an area with a unique balance between culture and nature. Plants and trees would only be removed occasionally and sometimes build elements will be added and elements will be taken over by nature.