Parallel at two venues – in the Kunstmuseum Ahlen and in the Marta Herford – this exhibition, curated by Friederike Fast, is devoted to the fascinating history of the expo. In dialogue with contemporary artists, the “best expo in the world” places themes at the centre which are just as controversial as they were over a hundred years ago.

Voerman relates to the 1939 pavilion in New York. A large döme with a pylon with inside a large model of a future modernistic city.  In Marta Herford Voerman has build a large installation with also a model inside. The installation is called "Entroic Empire". Inside the installation a model of the UN-headquarters in New York. A ruined version with claddings and new structures in and around it, set in a flooded area. The theme of the 1939-worldfair in this context is "Democracy and Decay". To this day the UN-building is considered a symbol of peace and international understanding . By placing this building with a political function at the center of perception and combining it with fragments of a football stadium, Voerman addresses the connection between architectural form and political concepts. Is this architecture still a suitable expression of an international understanding of democracy? And how do we want to build in the future? Important in this work is the notian of entropy. The world is moving very fast, geo-politically, ecologically, technologically, etc. While the original 1939 model showed a clear bright future; now there are no clear views of the future anymore. The clear bright window of modernism seem literally shattered into many colored small windows and dark staring oval windows within Voerman's work.

The exhibition will end on the 10th. of February 2019.

Many thanks to the generous support from the Mondriaanfoundation.