I recently came back from a research-trip to East-Ukraine. During 2 weeks I visited several city's and towns, among them Izyum.                                                              

Izyum has been occupied by the Russian's for 8 months and heavy battle took place in and around the city. Many civilians where murdered and during the occupation there was famine and great fear for the unpredictable occupants.

I was touched by the people there during my visit,. I was toured around and they where very eager to tell about what has happened to them. The director of the local historical museum also informed me about their collection, which was mostly looted or displaced.

After coming back to Holland I have worked on an abitious plan for Izyum, which should get the shape of both an on-site installation which will function as a temporary historical museum ánd a documentary, which will also capture the stories of the local people.

I'm now in the process of further fine-tuning the plan, finding a documentary/film-maker and trying to find funding for the project.

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