For the exhibition "Spaces" of Kunstverein "Kunst im Schloss" in Unter-Gröningen, South-Germany, I am making a new site-specific installation. For the first time I'll be making a partially hanging installaton, which includes architectural models, a shelter and other objects. Its a work that reflects on ecological en geo-political systems. In this installation, power, politics, democracy and ecology are being entangled through a web of op blueprint-colored wires. A poetic reflection on an ever complect sytem. As I said, this is the first installation of a kind. But over the coming years I will fourther develop this kind of installation-art.

Time-schudule exhibition: 25 - 3 - 2021  till  1 - 8 2021


Kunst im Schloss Untergröningen e.V.  (AdKV)

73453 Abtsgmünd - Untergröningen
Telefon: 07366 / 8218

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