2021, 450 x 700 x 350cm, blue wires, steel, cardboard, glass and other materials.

Sitespecific installation made for Voerman's solo-exhibition "Entropic Empire"  at Kunstverein Rosenheim.

The installation is the second of a serie of new type of installations within my body of work, which I'm planning to develop futher and further in the near future.

These installations, called “Constellation”, reflect in both poetic- and analytical ways on the various systems existing in the world, how they depend upon each other and how they influence each other. The blue wires, which are used in the installations, refer to the blue lines of blueprints, which where often technical drawings describing technical plans, architectural designs, etcetera. In my graphic work I use the notion of blueprints already for years, as its an interesting element both aesthetically and content-wise. And as my artistic language is strongly related to architecture, it’s highly appropriate for me to use it. 

Our society has become more and more complex overtime due to the growing amount of information and data. At the same time we have become increasingly aware that for example changing the price of cobalt has an effect on various different fields from mobility, energy, ecology, the amount of conflicts, modern colonialism to the dependency of countries on governments in DR Congo and China. And this counts for many, many materials, products and entities.

Going back to the installations; when some aspects or powers within the constellation changes, it has a direct effect on other fields. Blue strings literally pull on certain elements connected to the changing subject. 

Up till now Voerman has made two of those hanging installations. Those two where relatively small in size. And again, in the coming years Voerman will build more of these installations on both large larger scale and more complex.


(Photos by Martin Weiand)

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