2015, 15 x 4 x 4 meters, cardboard, glass, wood, plexiglass, epoxy and vices

Site-specific installation made for the Mattress Factory Art Museum in Pittsburgh.
The work reflects on one of Pittsburgh’s most famous landmarks, the university-building "Catherdral of the Learning" with its nationality-rooms.
The work consisted of a geometrical structure, which partially resembles a fragment of that particular building. The structure seemed to be taken over by a parasite-architecture, typically for Voerman’s artistic language: a cardboard structure with colored glass windows and dark plexiglass windows. The inside was dark and entering light and sound from the outside was filtered. The space inside became a small classroom/workshop in a way, with slight referenses to a space-capsule. The geometrical part was crooked, wheras the organic space wasn’t. In a way the space has become a nationality-room, which one can find in the Cathedral of the Learning; but in this case an undefined nationality.
Certain elements within the work, the recycled materials and the way the concept of learning has been visualized, also pointed towards the fact, that we came to a point, that many issues regarding ecology, sustainabilty, financial- and global structures have to be re-newed and re-thought over the coming decades. And also in this work, the notion of entropy and chaos was strongly present.
Voerman and the museum encouraged people, schools and institutions to initiate small workshops, events and meetings that can be held inside the work preferably related roughly to the idea of renewing our ideas for the future. Inside, there was place for about 20 people inside.


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