2015, 7 x 10 x 10 meters, alluminium, glass, plexiglass and wood.

Large site-specific installation, curated by Claudia Schouden of Motel Spatie, build in a shoppingmall in Presikhaaf-neighbourhood in Arnhem, Netherlands, which also functioned are a platform for interaction, workshops, debates, etc.

A large installationis slightly based on the flower of a thistle. The colours of the glass, green and purple and also the shape.
Some might say it resembles more a space module.
The fluffy seeds of the thistle fly through the air and don't really know any boundaries in a way, while blown by the wind.
For me an excellent methaphore for migration as described also in my project "Thistlegarden".
A strong plant, which is often not welcomed by for example farmers and gardeners. A plant that change an existing order, but is yet a beautifull and tough plant too.
The constuction will be embedded in a wooden construction in the already existing amphy-theater inside te mall.
The shoppingmall was build in the 60's, a modernistic icon, presented and awarded at the World-Expo in Paris in 1971. The first mall US-style in Europe. Since then, like most of the modernistic neighbourhoods, the popullation of Presikhaaf-neighbourhoor changed drastically by immigrants from North-Africa, Turkey and other countries.

In and around the work, during its 8 weeks existance, many side-event will be organized, some directly referring to the migration-issue.
The work functions as a local meetingpoint and place for interaction in the middle of the neighbourhood.
The neighbourhood-help-project will come together inside the work, workshops with schools will be held, etcetera. On the 27th.of February a large debate about the islam will be held around the work, in collaboration with the local mosque and the newspaper de "Gelderlander".
Apart from that, the work can also just be enjoyed by its esthetics. Passers-by, that often hardly go to museums and galleries, can enjoy the work for free. They can enter the work and hang out there.
Inside the work, there are benches, chairs and a table and, where people can gather and where small dinners, lunches and gatherings will be organised.

The work is made of wood and the outside is mainly covered with thin alluminium-sheet-metal, glass and large dark-plexiglass windows.

The work was made possible by: Rabobank, Arnhem Council, housing corpoartions: Volkshuisvesting, Vivare, Corio and Portaal and hardware-store Bouwmaat.


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