2022, Car, cardboard, plexiglas, wood, print on vinyl and foil.  558 x 635 x 422 cm.

As part of the solo-exhibition with also the name "Mind the Gap" at PRJCTLA in Los Angeles, I made this installation on-site. The work relates to the current social- and political situation both in the US and Europe in which the democracy is under pressure due to extreme polarisation. This work, which visitors can actually enter, will consist of a large collage of mad imagery of conspiracy-theories and fake news.

A car is also part of the work and kind of points toward the notion of anarchy. And anarchy is something we've been able to witness already in Washington, when the Capitol was stormed, back on  January the 6th. 2021.

This project has been made possible with the generous support of "Dutch Culture" and the great glass-company "Ocean Glass & Tile".

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