2017, 7 x 5 x 3 meters, wood, plastic, grafiti, woodstove, lights and other materials.
Temporary pavillion in the modernistic neighbourhood Arnhem-South.

The work funtioned for 10 days 24 hours a day. During that time several events, workshops, etc. where organized. And the people from the neigbourhood could come in any time to have a tea and warm themselves around the woodstove.

The pavilion was in a way a proposal for an other way of dealing with public space and city-planning in that particular neighbourhood. But in a way this could count for many other neighbourhoods in Holland, build in the 60's and 70's.
All the main roads are wide and green, but all the houses and offices are behind bushes and walls. Cycling or walking there, there are no place to go or to stop by. All the facilities, like theaters, museums, nice cafe's are situated in other neighbourhoods. The only place to go is the shoppingmall.
With theis work I'm pleading for building small, houses, workspaces and cafe's along these empty wide lanes. A kind of ribbon development so to say.
So the work functions as a sort of proposal and is not a fixed building. Therefore I made the structure transparant, apart from the fact, that an open structure is also more inviting.
The project actually gave an extra momentum to a development in that area. Soon the neighbourhood will be transformed and with a small group among Rob Voerman, plans will be made.

This work made possible by the generous support of the Mondriaanfoundation the county Gelderland and Arnhem Council.

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