Ongoing project about ecology, worldwide-tax and the value of money.
The project in Kinshasa can be seen as a start of the project. In future projects and works I will focus further on the
necessity, to initiate a worldwide tax to preserve the remaining ecological resources.  And to re-think the economical value of ecological resources and to really try to start implementing that. Apart from making other art-works, I would like to look for collaborations with other fields, like economic-departments and social-studies to research these ideas.

The initial project "Valeur Reelle":

2014, Wood, plexieglass, steel, already existing tree-trunk, a.o.m., 4,5 x 4 x 3 meters

Work made at the l'Ecole des Beaux Arts in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo as part of the Yango Biennial.

About the work:

Rob Voerman has always been interested in ecology and the espescially the  issue of the rainforests being cut down in many parts of the world.

While Congo’s rainforests are still almost completely intact, in other parts of the world they are rapidly disappearing.

This work deals with the idea of implementing a world-wide tax to compensate Congo financially for maintaining the forests. And it also poses the question, whether the value of money should be based on the remainig forests and other natural resources instead of the value of gold, stockmarkets,etc.

The entrance slightly resembles a bank-building or a save. Inside it looks like a green forest-like fragmentated chapel. 

There is also a nostalgic apect to it, regarding the life of most Kinshasa’s forefathers who used to live in the forest and countryside before they moved to the city. So in a way one can also see it as a sort of time-captule too..

But apart from that, its also a work and space, that one can just enjoy and experience.


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