2019, 198 x 127 x 231cm, steel, cardboard, wood, glass, archival glue and other materials.

The model is based on the AT&T-building in Manhattan. A large telecom-building, according to Wikileaks, also being used by the NSA to tap telecommunication. The architecture, build in and around the brutalist building, offers possibilities to move from one place to an other and to meet people without being traced.

This work is part of a large new body of work, which I'm currently working on, in which I transform places and building of power. Power of information, political power, economic power, etc. They are made into models, in which I respond to the function of the building and transform it by re-construction and adding architectural extension. By this I transform the existing function of these buildings/sites and propose alternative systems.  All these models will also be photographed and transformed into new photo/lichtbox-works.

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