2018/2019, 190 x 190 x 230cm, steel, wood, cardboard, epoxy, led-lighting, glass and archival glue

The work shows a transformed UN-Headquarters. The political infrastructure has been placed outside and on the ruins of Niemeyers design, including a fragmented stadium which becomes a new general assemby/forum. The structure has become a peninsula in a flooded area. The work questions existing democratic structures and representation and points toward possible future constellations.

This work is part of a large new body of work, which I'm currently working on, in which I transform places and building of power. Power of information, political power, economic power, etc. They are made into models, in which I respond to the function of the building and transform it by re-construction and adding architectural extension. By this I transform the existing function of these buildings/sites and propose alternative systems.  All these models will also be photographed and transformed into new photo/lichtbox-works.

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