2021, 260 x 260 x 370cm, Galvanized and powdercoated steel, stainless steel, epoxy, plexiglass and led-lighting.

“ICE” can mean "ice", but also "In case of emergency".

The work represents a utopian model in which the building in the shape of an iceberg plays a central role. It is surrounded by an area with models and ruins. The central structure in a way resembles an iceberg, but is at the same time it resembles a scale model of a gigantic building in the shape of an iceberg.
The work, with the models around it, does have a certain reference to Constant's "New Babylon".
It is certainly a work that refers to climate-change, although it doesn't immediately make a moral statement. It is a layered and poetic reference, so to speak.
The work also includes a fully functioning barbecue. It can be seen as a kind of teasing element; namely, will we keep grilling meat or not...?

This work has been made possible by the generous support of Stokroosfonds and ArtZuid.

(Photos by Gert-Jan de Rooij)

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