Registration of my art-installation "The Republic"

2021, 12 x 5 x 9 meters, wood, canvas for lightboxes, glass, grafitti, lightbox with duratrans-image, lighting and other materials.

Site-specific work, made for the exhibition "Fake Me Hard" at AVL Mundo in Rotterdam. The exhibition about fake news, algorithms, artificial intelligence, deep fakes and conspiracy-theries and its social and moral aspects, is curated by Ine Gevers and Kees de Groot.

About the installation:

Voerman's installation examines both the increasing madness that can be observed on the internet around fake news and conspiracy theories, as well as the danger of undermining society and the democracy that has all this.

Voerman himself calls this installation a “psychotic building”; this because, in his view, the world of conspiracy theories is comparable to a psychosis.

The installation shows a spatial collage of images associated with all kinds of conspiracy theories and found on the fringes of the internet. At the base of this collage, a dystopian world of chaos and anarchy seems to have emerged, including a structure that resembles an explosion of glass and cardboard.

The title of the work is a reference to Plato's publication, which contains the allegory of the cave.

Over the last years, more and more people seem to claim their own truth based on a self-fabricated reality. 

So, in away, I believe they seen to claim to have found an exit from Plato's cave or claim to have found the final interpretation of the shadows projected on the walls of the cave..

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